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Multiple requests

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Multiple requests

Postby Seeking » 09 Jan 2008, 02:29

First, i'd like to ask for prayer for all of our friends who are living in the path of the storms, MO (tornados), IN (flooding) and it's moving eastward. May Yahuah protect the brethern and know that we are praying for you!

Second, i'd like to request prayer for my son - he is 13 and will be standing before a judge tomorrow on the premise of fighting at school. The situation is that he came to the defense of a friend and the bully turned on my son and hit him 4 times at which time my son returned the punch. Both boys received a citation from the city police department in addition to spending 3 days in on campus suspension. Tomorrow is his court date. I called the father of the boy whom my son was protecting and he was shocked (as we are) about him going in front of the court. He said that he or his wife will be there for my son too. Please pray for righteous judgement and that this will not go on his record.


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Postby eriqbenel » 09 Jan 2008, 22:23

Father YHWH, let it be so for the son of Seeking according to your Sovereign will.

I would also like to ask prayer for my son, who is 20. He has left home and his whereabouts is unknown. He is engaged in an attitude or heavy rebellion and pride. Please pray that YHWH will bring him to his senses before any harm comes to him.

Shalom in the name of YHWH,


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Postby Seeking » 10 Jan 2008, 03:54

Yes, Abba I am in agreement with Eriq's prayer regarding his son. May you put a hedge of protection around him and bring to remembrance Your commands and lead him back. Please give Shalom to brother Eriq in Yahushua's name, the annointed.

Shalom be to you brother.


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Postby Seeking » 10 Jan 2008, 04:03

Update on the court case today..... we stood before the judge and he explained the options that could be chosen: guilty, not guilty, and no contest. Josh told him he was guilty for hitting the other boy. The judge was ready to hand out the punishment which wasn't looking real good - he asked Josh why he didn't run get help when the other boy was being picked on and Josh told him that the teachers were too far away. The judge asked if his friend that he defended was present (and he was - HalleluYah) and when the judge saw the size difference in the boys you could see that he understood why and would be more lenient (sp?) in handing out his verdict.

The judge asked if the other boy was present and he was not. He is scheduled to appear on the 23rd of the month for the same charges (disorderly conduct) and another incident. The judge asked us to come back at the same time so that all 3 boys are there so that he could get the whole story down.

I'm told that this other boy is taller than my son - which would also have an impact on the ruling.

We'll see what happens! Thanks for your prayers. I will let you know the outcome on the 23rd. :)

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Postby Seeking » 24 Jan 2008, 01:10

I promised a follow-up on the court situation with my son ..... we were scheduled today and the other boy didn't show so the Judge gave my son 6 months probation and will dismiss the charges if there are no further reports. Josh's friend came again today and his dad told us that if they had charged us with a fine they would have pitched in since Josh was defending him. That was cool!

HalleluYAH - The penalty would have been $260 + 12 hours of community service.

:) Shalom

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Postby Chayil_Ishshah » 24 Jan 2008, 19:14



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Postby chosen » 02 Feb 2008, 00:08

wow! what a blessing! PRAISE YAHUAH for HIS mercy!


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