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Massive crack opens up in Wyoming mountain

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Massive crack opens up in Wyoming mountain

Postby Chayil_Ishshah » 02 Nov 2015, 08:26

The gaping gash in the Bighorn Mountains has been wowing locals for weeks as it continues to grow to over 750-yards long and about 50-yards wide, according to a hunting outfitter group.

"This giant crack in the earth appeared in the last two weeks on a ranch we hunt in the Bighorn Mountains. It's a really incredible sight," SNS Outfitter & Guides wrote on Facebook.

The group first stumbled across it in early October, but they believe the crack has been developing since late September.

"All of a sudden it was just there," SNS member Sy Gilliland told 9 News. "I think the reason it's so fascinating is it's so big. And it doesn't make any sense. It's just like the ground opened up."

The hunting organization called in an expert engineer to examine the geological phenomenon after the photo piqued many interests and prompted a barrage of questions.

It said the crack was caused by a wet spring that "lubricated" across a cap rock.

Source link: http://m.nydailynews.com/news/national/massive-crack-opens-wyoming-mountain-article-1.2418797
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