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Here we can discuss GM/GE foods, shopping techniques, food storage, recipes, and the like.

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Postby Chayil_Ishshah » 21 Mar 2008, 13:23


I know of some believers that will not eat mushrooms because they say they are "fungus" and that they do not qualify as the seed bearing plant. I was doing a mini-study on yeast for my own edification and found this:

are a growth form of eukaryotic micro organisms classified in the kingdom Fungi, with about 1,500 species described;[1] they dominate fungal diversity in the oceans

The yeast species Saccharomyces cerevisiae has been used in baking and fermenting alcoholic beverages for thousands of years.

Now, while I don't subscribe to mans classification per se; however, they do fit together because of similar parameters in behavior.

So - if yeast is a fungus and therefore acceptable, then why wouldn't mushrooms be?


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Postby kickme » 22 Mar 2008, 01:45

I eat 'em occasionally, but I prefer olives, similar texture, better taste :-)
I'm sure mushrooms have been around many years before Moshe, yet Torah didn't address this. Technically the spores are seed.....

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