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Leaven List.

Here we can discuss GM/GE foods, shopping techniques, food storage, recipes, and the like.

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Leaven List.

Postby TrueGirlPower » 19 Mar 2008, 02:01

Here are a few leavens we need to stay away from on Passover.

Ammonium Bicarbonate
Baking Powder
Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate)
Monocalcium Phosphate
Sodium Aluminum Phosphate
Sodium Pyrophosphare

If you know of any others, let me know.


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Postby TrueGirlPower » 19 Mar 2008, 02:03

BTW, dry pet foods also contain leavens. idk what y'all feel about that one...

I know the Frisky's purple checkered cat food is clean for Passover.

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Postby Luneee » 19 Mar 2008, 03:41

no beer during Passover.

(I can make it).

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Postby chosen » 19 Mar 2008, 04:15

how do you feel about yeast that is used as a seasoning?


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Postby Chayil_Ishshah » 19 Mar 2008, 13:37

Seems to me that there is "Brewer's Yeast", "Autolyzed yeast extract", and "hydrolyzed yeast extract" which are all dead, i.e. will not rise in any type of usage, and therefore could not be considered "leavening" because it won't leaven.

There are two types of Brewer's Yeast.

1) Type actually used in brewing of beer/wine/and some types of alcohol. Oh - and root beer too ya'll...

2) Type that can also mean yeast obtained as a by-product of brewing, dried and killed, and used as a dietary supplement for its B vitamin content. (We use this for our dogs combined with garlic to keep the fleas and ticks away - and yes, it works.)


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