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for witnessing...

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for witnessing...

Postby Torahwoman » 15 Mar 2008, 18:21

Shalom, all :D

Not sure where to post this, but thought i would try it here....

Yahuah indeed does bless us in different ways, for different reasons...

i have been blessed to receive materials for making tsitsiyoth
(please pardon the possibly-incorrect transliteration), and He has
blessed my fingers to make and share them with others who want

i know that many if not most of you make your own, and that is great,
all esteem to Yahuah ! :D
i would like to ask if anyone would like some made and sent to them
--- as many i know have little 'extra' time to make extras, let alone for
themselves, sometimes ---
please let me know and i would be wonderfully blessed to share with
Just email me at loveyahuah at yahoo dot com , and give me the following info:

number of sets
basic or other -- basic is white/blue , other is blue and whatever other color(s)

thank you very much, and Yahuah bless you all !! :D
All esteem, honour, and praise to Yahuah Most High ! \o/

Penny 'tw'
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Postby kathybyers2000 » 23 Apr 2008, 18:54

What a lovely offering. I was wondering if you have had any takers on this?

BTW - nice to be back (occasionally - don't get on the computer too much these days)

sis kathy

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Re: for witnessing...

Postby sarahshalom » 08 Mar 2014, 12:49

I agree, this is a lovely offer. I like to make my own, but seems I cannot keep up with my own "demand"... I was wondering if you are making the rabbinic version...

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Re: for witnessing...

Postby chuckbaldwin » 31 Mar 2014, 00:51

I buy mine from zipporahsthimble.com. Prices are quite reasonable.
Chuck Baldwin
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