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another multiple request

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another multiple request

Postby Torahwoman » 03 Feb 2008, 01:22

Shalom, all....

Recently, my nephew (older brother's son, who is 15)
has been having "tests" done on him by
the medical profession, as he has been experiencing
pain -- of what sort, i don't know for certain, some talk
about the lymph nodes -- for some time. Some in the
med. prof. had been calling it 'growing pains' so much so
that my brother/his wife became tired of hearing that.
So, in one of the recent 'tests' the suggestion of 'leukemia'
arose, and pronounced it upon my nephew. He's had other
'tests' as well, by the talk nothing 'conclusive' , but that the
med. prof. would keep 'testing'. He's due for a biopsy
on man's 2/4/08, in the afternoon, in a hospital in Bangor,
(city about an hour south from where my older brother lives),
and scheduled to stay overnight that night. The med. prof.
also are looking to see if he may 'have' the same affliction
as my younger brother -- who suffers from such an extreme
case of (for brevity) blood poisoning that deep, deep cysts form,
fill with blood, and break, in which he has extreme pain,
some blood-loss, and the poison moving more agitatingly
through his system, and that is when the high fevers came
and he'd go to the ER to monitor his fever, giving him
antibiotics, etc., and if the cyst hadn't broken yet
they did that. Of course, the drs. give it some long name.
My Mother has told them -- both my brothers and my sister --
that there were other members of family who suffered with the
'lymph node' problem (or whatever it was), including
my younger brother when he was a young child,
my sister when she was a young child, and said something
about possibly others (trying to -- not understanding --
include me in the affliction-curse) 'having it' too.
i realize she does not understand such.
Mom herself battles 'Parkinson's Disease', and has
been under that curse for roughly twenty years now.
She is quite feeble physically, only using a walker, but
so highly dependent upon it, that she often fears falling.
She is often in a physical state of being "shut down", an
inability to move at all.

i don't know, of course, what Yahuah's plan is in this,
with my nephew or anyone else, but am trying to share
with Mom that we ought not to be afraid, nor to dishearten others
who 'worry'. She sometimes seems to grasp the 'no fear'
concept (which is a command of Yahuah, actually), but
too often expresses fear(s) herself. Yes, been there, done that,
myself. Yahuah is in control, though, and whichever way
He chooses to move in this matter with my nephew,
it shall be done to His esteem.

i am not of the mindset that having "an only son"
makes it 'harder' than if one had ten children,
and one was 'threatened'.
So, i would ask your prayers in this, praying
for those involved, and i will update on what 'conclusions'
the med. prof. professes.
Thank you all. Yahuah bless you.

Another request, is for another child, a baby
barely a couple weeks old, if that. She lives in NH,
and has been plagued by pneumonia, as her cousin
of barely a year has also battled more than once already,
as well as practically all his family.
The baby girl is, last i heard, in a Boston hospital for 'treatment'.

A third request... this, for me....
i won't give a long rendition here now, but will ask
that you pray for spiritual and physical strength,
and spiritual and physical healing. i have one artificial
hip (left side), and most of the time problems do not arise
from it. However, the right side -- never surgically-touched --
has been a test lately. Tonight, the left hip has been the test,
giving me more intense trouble than the right side does
when it "flares up". Also, my left shoulder blade,
.. don't know what's up with that, except the possibility
of sleeping on it just so. Doesn't bother much, and not a lot..
just started a few days ago, and seems to just 'catch'
once in a while. So that's part of my 'world'.

Thank you all, for all the prayers, for all in need.
Most importantly, the spiritual strength needed.
All physical blessings are the 'icing on the cake', to me. :D
He lets us have cake... and icing, too. :D

Yahuah bless you all.

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Postby Luneee » 03 Feb 2008, 01:42

Lifting up prayer for cake and icing.

Jay Vincent

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update ....

Postby Torahwoman » 20 Feb 2008, 20:01


in regard to my nephew, the tests
showed 'negative' for 'cancer' but they are going
to conduct more tests to 'find out the cause' of his
pain/discomfort in his stomach. So, we certainly thank
and praise Yahuah for eliminating that from 'the list of
possible causes'. Thank you, also, for your prayers. :)

In regard to the baby girl in the Boston hospital,
tov news on that, also... she is back home in NH
with family, and seems to be doing better, we thank
and praise Yahuah for this, too. :) And thank you
for praying for her and her family. :)

Yahuah bless you all... if we hear of more news,
will try to share it here.

Penny .. "tw"
Ps. 139:1 "O YaHUaH You have searched me and know me."

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Postby kathybyers2000 » 20 Feb 2008, 22:40

Praising YHWH for healing those with affliction and praying that he continue doing so within His temple which is your nephews body, and also in yours.

May I ask, is your nephew a believer in the Most High?



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Postby Torahwoman » 21 Feb 2008, 17:55

Sis Kathy, to answer your question
regarding my nephew... he is currently
not a believer, has not been taught Yahuah's truth yet, ..
this i only share because you asked, not
judging him or his family, and i know you also are not.
Thank you for the prayers and concern.
Yahuah bless you. :D

'tw'.. Penny
Ps. 139:1 "O YaHUaH You have searched me and know me."

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then I will pray for that too

Postby kathybyers2000 » 21 Feb 2008, 17:59

Praying that YHWH enter their hearts. He is there for many when they are down, I know He was for me.



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