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bouillon notice

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bouillon notice

Postby Torahwoman » 14 Dec 2007, 16:19


as i was shopping yesterday, i saw a small pkg. of beef bouillon and checked its' ingredients. After the listing, it showed the notice that it was processed on the same machinery that processes shellfish, etc. Obviously, i put it back.
The brand was Maggi, and it was 'beef' flavor.
Wanted to let you all know, in case you have it.

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Postby orenjoshandjessica » 21 Dec 2007, 20:36

thanks ;)
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Postby Luneee » 08 Feb 2008, 13:47

The thing about bullion, is that I haven't found one that doesn't contain MSG.


If you will just make a good broth, by boiling your leftover chicken and bones for about 48 hours, this is MUCH healthier.

Jay Vincent.

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