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marshmallow recipe link

Posted: 06 Dec 2007, 20:21
by Torahwoman

i saw a recipe on Martha Stewart's show this morning, and she had a guest on showing how to make fudge-covered marshmallows. Not only did the recipe sound a bit intriguing, but i found out she makes her own marshmallows. When putting the ingredients together on the show, she simply mentioned "gelatin", so one would have to check the recipe online to see if it is more specific. .... which i tried to do, but my comp. froze up before i could reach the right page, so i didn't see the recipe myself. There was a link, though, for 'Chocolate Marshmallows' for today's (man's) date, so if you go there ....

then go to the show's air date of ( 12 / 6 / 07 ), and look for the marshmallow recipe link.

It was actually pretty neat to see how the marshmallows were made! So simple, really.
Thought one or some of you might like to try it, and you'd be able to know your ingredients were clean, depending on your gelatin source.

Let me know if anyone has made any or tries this one!

:D tw

re: 'mallows...

Posted: 06 Dec 2007, 20:26
by Torahwoman
my thought was not so much for the fudge-dipped part (like i'd turn that down, though... highly doubtful).... but it would be nice to make even the plain marshmallows! Of course... there is the corn syrup issue...


Re: marshmallow recipe link

Posted: 06 Dec 2007, 20:36
by Chayil_Ishshah
Torahwoman wrote:
i saw a recipe on Martha Stewart's show this morning,

:shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:


I'm sorry, that's just funny to me, somehow I can't picture you watching Martha.... LOL

thanks for the link tho, I may try it when my marshmallows are all gone.


re: LOL

Posted: 07 Dec 2007, 00:17
by Torahwoman
Shalom :D

nahhh don't be sorry.... i didn't think i'd ever watch her either, ... oh well ! :D Sometimes i surprise myself... :shock: :P