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Posted: 19 Nov 2007, 21:35
by Chayil_Ishshah
Shalom All~

I was label reading and found Watchman555's soap contained glycerin. *GASP* :shock: So, I called Colgate-Palmolive company. After speaking to them on the phone I found that Irish Spring does not contain unclean sourced glycerin. The following is a letter I received from them as well as $7.90 worth of coupons for their clean products.

One of Colgate's three global values is Caring, especially for our consumers. One of the most important ways we demonstrate that value is by providing consumers with information to help them choose the right products to meet their specific needs. We appreciate this opportunity to provide information regarding animal fats used in Colgate-Palmolive products sold in the United States.

All of Colgate-Palmolive Company's bar soaps contain tallow-derived ingredients. The tallowates used in these soaps are obtained only from beef tallow. In addition, the glycerin in these soaps is certified as pork free. The following bar soaps contain no pork or lard and, therefore, are pork-free:

1) Palmolive Gold
2) Palmolive Classic
3) Cashmere Bouquet Beauty Bar
4) Irish Spring Bar, all variants
5) Vel Mild Skin Care Bar

Much of our glycerin is produced internally; however, it sometimes is necessary to supplement the supply of glycerin by purchasing it from external suppliers. When it is necessary to add to the supply by buying glycerin, external suppliers are carefully selected. The glycerin is only accepted if it meets or exceeds the United States Pharmacopedia (USP) quality standards. Our regular quality control procedures are used to monitor the quality of the glycerin. When made internally, the glycerin is made through procedures involving evaporation, distillation, and bleaching of a crude glycerin derived from beef tallow, coconut or palm kernel oils.

All Colgate Toothpastes and Toothbrushes that are marketed in the U.S. are free of any animal-derived ingredients. All glycerin used in our Toothpastes comes from only synthetic or vegetable sources.

The following Personal Care and Household Surface Care products are also currently free of all animal-derived ingredients:

1) Household Products
a) Ajax Cleanser with Bleach
b) Murphy Oil Soap
c) Palmolive, Ajax, Dermassage and Crystal White Octagon Dish Liquids
d) Palmolive Gel Machine Dishwasher Detergent

2) Personal Care Products
a) Speed Stick Gel, Lady Speed Stick Gel, and Teen Spirit Gel
b) Lady Speed Stick and Teen Spirit Invisible Dry Antiperspirants
c) Speed Stick 24/7 Antiperspirants
d) Speed Stick Power of Nature Antiperspirants
e) Speed Stick Ultimate Antiperspirants

f) Softsoap Brand Foam Works Liquid Hand Soap
g) Softsoap Brand Fruit Essentials Liquid Hand Soap
h) Softsoap Brand Clear Antibacterial Liquid Hand Soap (Aquarium and Rainforest)
i) Softsoap Brand Morning Mist Antibacterial Liquid Hand Soap
j) Softsoap Brand Vanilla Brown Sugar Antibacterial Liquid Hand Soap
k) Softsoap Brand Lavender and Chamomile Liquid Hand Soap

l) Softsoap Brand Active Body Wash for Men - Ocean Fresh ONLY

m) Skin Bracer After Shave
n) Skin Bracer Pre-Electric Shave Lotion
o) Afta ~ After Shave Skin Conditioner
p) Afta ~ Pre-electric Shave Lotion

Colgate seeks to provide consumers with the most accurate and up-to-date product information possible. All of the products listed above are free of animal-derived ingredients as of the date of this letter. Because Colgate's sourcing of ingredients and/or the ingredients themselves may be subject to change in the future, however, please contact Colgate's Consumer Affairs Department toll-free at: 1-800-221-4607 or log onto if you have a question about a product on this list or if you have a question about a Colgate product not listed here.


Raymond Williams
Consumer Affairs Representative
Consumer Affairs

Obviously, my posting this letter does not in any way mean that I advocate their products (such as toothpaste with fluoride in it). Rather, to share information and provide a number where someone else could call them if they so choose.


helpful info..

Posted: 20 Nov 2007, 01:21
by Torahwoman

thanks, Sis, for letting us know! Most of those products i do not use, myself --- though nice to know about the Ajax or Palmolive dish soap and various liquid antibacterial hand soaps, and bar soaps. And i also do what i can to avoid fluoride.

YaHUaH bless !