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The Hershey Company

Posted: 28 May 2008, 06:16
by Chayil_Ishshah
Phoned them today at: 1-800-468-1714

Spoke to Customer Service, and a man named Alan.

I asked him if Hershey products contained GMO/GE ingredients. He said, YES. I asked for a list of products that contain GMOs. He told me I DON'T HAVE ONE; HOWEVER, I CAN GIVE YOU A LIST OF WHAT DOES NOT. Ok, that's great. What doesn't then:

Here's the grand list of non-GMO/GE foods from Hershey:

Hershey's Baking Chocolate
Hershey's Dark Baking Chocolate
Hershey's Non-Sweetened Baking Chocolate

Hershey's Organic Milk Chocolate
Hershey's Organic Dark Milk Chocolate
Hershey's Organic Milk Tasting Squares
Hershey's Organic Dark Milk Tasting Squares

And apparently they are in corporation with some place called Dagoba where they have a high-end chocolate clients.

Everything else put out by Hershey contains GMO/GE of some nature.

If you're not sure what all Hershey makes you can Click here.

No more Hershey's syrup for the ice cream!!