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Genetically Engineered Sugar to Hit Stores in 2008

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Genetically Engineered Sugar to Hit Stores in 2008

Postby Chayil_Ishshah » 26 Oct 2007, 18:28

Background Information:
American Crystal, a large Wyoming-based sugar company, who ironically have launched an "organic" line of their sugar, and several other leading U.S. sugar providers have announced they will be sourcing their sugar from genetically engineered (GE) sugar beets beginning this year and arriving in stores in 2008. Like GE corn and GE soy, products containing GE sugar will not be labeled as such.

Since half of the granulated sugar in the U.S. comes from sugar beets, a move towards bio-tech beets marks a dramatic alteration of the U.S. food supply. These sugars, along with GE corn and soy, are found in many conventional food products, so consumers will be exposed to genetically engineered ingredients in just about every non-organic multiple-ingredient product they purchase.

The GE sugar beet is designed to withstand strong doses of MONSANTO's controversial broad spectrum Roundup herbicide. Studies indicate farmers planting "Roundup Ready" corn and soy spray large amounts of the herbicide, contaminating both soil and water. Farmers planting GE sugar beets are told they may be able to apply the herbicide up the five times per year. Sugar beets are grown on 1.4 million acres by 12,000 farmers in the U.S. from Oregon to Minnesota.

Meanwhile candy companies like Hershey's are urging farmers not to plant GE sugar beets, noting that consumer surveys suggest resistance to the product. In addition the European Union has not approved GE sugar beets for human consumption.

http://www.organicconsumers.org/article ... e_6828.cfm

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oh those beet-people...

Postby Torahwoman » 26 Oct 2007, 23:14


thanks for the info!
.. and one more reason to like Hershey's..? :D ;) keep it up!

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Postby orenjoshandjessica » 21 Dec 2007, 20:29

Yes, and most to all un-organic potatoes and corn are GMO!!! That means any processed food made with Potatoe/corn is GMO. Also any unoranic oils (olive oil, canola, veggie) are made from GMO foods...It's so sad that we have to be so careful. Let's watch out for each other. May Yahusha return soon!
May Yahuah show favor upon your house and your studies.

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