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How to make quick homemade ice cream!

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How to make quick homemade ice cream!

Postby Luneee » 12 Feb 2008, 16:25

5 packets of Stevia (all natural)
1 & 1/2 cups of fresh cream or whole raw milk (your preference, but cream is better!)
1 tablespoon of organic Cocoa
1 teaspoon of vanilla

Mix above ingredients and pour into a quart freezer bag. Seal with as little air as possible.

in a gallon freezer bag, fill half full with ice cubes, and put in 6 tablespoons of rock salt.

Place the ice cream mixture bag in, and seal. (I LEAVE SOME AIR IN THIS ONE BEFORE SEALING)


Rotate the bag continuously for about 8 minutes. You can tell when it is frozen good enough.

Just be careful not to squeeze the outer bag too much. (You don't want to break the seal.)

Wash off the outer bag with very cold water to remove the salt.

This is the best ice cream EVER, and it's quick!

Jay Vincent.

P.S. Omit the cocoa, if you only want vanilla.

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Postby chosen » 12 Feb 2008, 22:08

can you omit the vanilla if you only want cocoa? LOL


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Postby Luneee » 12 Feb 2008, 22:15

But if you omit the vanilla, add a cup of vinegar...


The funniest thing is that when I bought the "ICE CREAM SALT" the teenager at the cash register said "I've never heard of this."

I said, "Oh you have to try it! It's very good on chocolate ice cream."

After she gave me the confused look, I let her know I was kidding...


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