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Avoid the 8 -Price Look-Up Codes

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Avoid the 8 -Price Look-Up Codes

Postby Chayil_Ishshah » 08 Feb 2008, 18:08

Fifth (Leading) Digit Qualifier
The IFPS shall be responsible for deciding the assignment and definition of qualifying prefix digits
for international recognition. At present, only three digits have been allocated:

0-----Applies to all non-qualified produce and is generally presented without the leading "zero" digit.
8-----Genetically modified

Q How is organically grown produce coded on a PLU label?
A The number 9 is added to the front of the regular four digit PLU code. (e.g. an organically grown
banana would be 94011.)

Q How is genetically engineered produce coded on a PLU label?
A The number 8 is added in front of the regular four digit PLU code. (e.g. a genetically engineered
vine ripe tomato would be 84805.)

Q How do I obtain a list of PLUs?
A A complete list of Global PLUs is available on the Web at www.plucodes.com. More information
is available from your Country Organization. (this sight is for grocers.)

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