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Posted: 21 Jan 2008, 06:36
by chuckbaldwin
wstruse wrote:Lambchop,

I believe you and Chuck are correct. The Jewish calendar actually lost 240 years. Ironically they lost these years because of a misapplication of Daniel 9 and the Seventy "Weeks" vision. Isaac Newton noted this in his study of the prophecy of Daniel. They originally applied the vision to the 2nd year of Darius Hystaspes with it fulfillment in Judas Maccabaeus. When that failed they then applied it to each succeeding Persian king thus as Newton noted "eclipsing" the kingdom of Persian. If you would like to see how this happened you can go to the link below. It is a PDF file. Skip down to chapter 3 entitled Daniel 9 and Historical Messianic Expectancy.


Warm Regards,

Greetings William,

Good to see you still alive & kicking. Welcome aboard.
I wonder if you could split that long URL into 3 lines so we won't have to scroll back & forth.
I realize it won't be "clickable" on 3 lines, but for some reason it isn't anyway.

Posted: 21 Jan 2008, 19:23
by wstruse

Good to see you alive and kicking as well. Sorry about the long link. I have corrected it as per your request.



Posted: 21 Jan 2008, 22:07
by chuckbaldwin
Thanks William, that's much better.

This being a new forum, there are several people i haven't met before, and then there's Arnold still promoting lunar Sabbaths, and Greg & me both looking for something we can sink our teeth into; another guy whose main joy in life is belittling me; as well as a close friend & brother.

I hope you find it enjoyable (if that's possiable :lol:), and i look forward to some of your insights on various topics.

Posted: 22 Jan 2008, 07:26
by JMSchattke
*sniffle* chuck left out the uber-geek.

Posted: 22 Jan 2008, 10:51
by Watchman555
JMSchattke wrote:*sniffle* chuck left out the uber-geek.


Doesn't anyone love Sid the Sloth....

Posted: 22 Jan 2008, 17:17
by chuckbaldwin
JMSchattke wrote:*sniffle* chuck left out the uber-geek.
Sorry JMS, i didn't mean to slight you. I guess you would be in the category of "new people", although i have seen your postings in the "other" forum, and generally agree with most of them.

I didn't quite get "uber-geek". I know what a "geek" is, and "uber" is German for "over", but the meaning of the combination. :?: (Here's another opportunity for my belittling adversary to jump in and affirm how stupid he thinks i am. :mrgreen: )

Boy, am i bad! I also slighted "Sid the Sloth". Does he post under that name - i don't recall having seen it? :?:

Posted: 22 Jan 2008, 18:04
by Lambchop
Something that's good to "sink your teeth into" is a nice big Texas size T-Bone steak. :D (sorry, I couldn't resist that one )
Remember, while people are picking on you, they are leaving others alone..... :?
Could it be, that the fruit of your spirit is being tested????

Well if it makes you feel any better, I do want you to know I appreaciate what you write, and you are a blessing to some of us :)

Posted: 22 Jan 2008, 18:11
by Lambchop
Welcome to the group. :D Thanks for the information. Looks interesting.
I will get back with you asap once I study this out some, and give you my thoughts. Blessings.

Posted: 22 Jan 2008, 22:14
by chuckbaldwin
Lambchop wrote:Chuck,
Something that's good to "sink your teeth into" is a nice big Texas size T-Bone steak. :D (sorry, I couldn't resist that one )
Remember, while people are picking on you, they are leaving others alone..... :?
Could it be, that the fruit of your spirit is being tested????
Thanks, Lambchop, those are real good points. And would you mind grinding the steak (w/o the bone)? I'm a lazy eater. :lol:
Well if it makes you feel any better, I do want you to know I appreaciate what you write, and you are a blessing to some of us :)
Thank you for the encouragement. :)

Posted: 23 Jan 2008, 05:58
by BrotherArnold
Did Israel gets Lunar Sabbath from Babylon?

The answered is NO! Israel was already keeping lunar Sabbaths before they went into Babylonian captivity and this is proven from Scripture itself Exodus 16 chapter and Acts 20.

Some people who fight against lunar Sabbaths create a straw man and then attack it. They say things like, do we really believe that Israel adopted the Sabbath from Babylon, as if lunar Sabbath proponents believe they did, which we don’t, and then they proceed to prove Israel was already keeping Sabbaths before they went into captivity, which we also believe that Israel was keeping Sabbaths before they went into captivity, but we believe they were by the phases of the moon and can prove it.

There is conclusive proof that Israel was keeping the same lunar Sabbaths that Babylon was keeping BEFORE they went into Babylon captivity, which we will prove from Scripture. They don’t tell you things like Abraham and Adams descendents lived in and around Babylon and received the Sabbath there were keeping from Adam. To say that Israel adopted lunar Sabbaths from Babylon is like saying that they adopted wearing clothes from Babylon, but we know that the Israelites where were already keeping lunar Sabbaths and wearing clothes before they went into Babylon captivity. It is easy to say something, especially if it goes against our tradition, but the Scripture teaches us to prove all things.

No one denies the fact that Babylon observed lunar Sabbaths by the phases of the moon and there were even called Sabbaths and were connected to rest at the end of the lunar week. The Babylonians did not count the new Moon days when counting out the weeks which is a carbon copy of the pinpointed weekly Sabbaths found in Scripture.

When the weekly Sabbath was first made known to Moses in Exodus 16 chapter, these weekly Sabbath were on the eight, 15th, 22nd, and 29th of the moon and the new moon day was NOT counted when counting out these weeks. When we count seven days backwards from the eighth of the month, it brings us to the second day of the month which would have been the first day of the week which proves the new moon day was not counted, same as the Babylon calendars.

We have pinpointed 72 weekly Sabbaths found in Scripture and every one of them are on one of the four major phases of the moon and in the first week the Sabbath is always on the eighth of the month which conclusively proves the new moon day/day’s were not counted when counting out the weeks.

We actually find a weekly pinpointed Sabbath In the Book of Acts Chapter 20 where the weekly Sabbaths were on the four phases of the moon and the second day of the moon is actually called the first day of the week. They sailed away from flip by after the days of an oven bread and came unto them in Troy has in five days where they’ll bow to seven days and upon the first day of the week

The straw man approach does not prove anything. The Babylonians wore clothing but that does not make it wrong to wear clothing. Sure they went after other gods same as Israel did but that don’t mean they changed the solar lunar calendar of Genesis 1:14 that was handed down to them from Adam, and it was the same calendar that Israel was keeping when they went into Babylonian captivity and the same calendar that Daniel was keeping when he prophesied that it was going to be changed in the future and that is the calendar that people are keeping today but when Daniel prophesied that it was going to be changed, indicates that it had not been changed at the time of Daniels prophecy, so what ever calendar that is recognized and being kept today is wrong because it is the one that Daniel prophesied it would be changed to.

Daniel and Nebuchadnezzar, after his conversion, observed lunar Sabbath the lunar Sabbath calendars traces back to the time of Daniel and Daniel was ruler in Babylon under four different kings especially in religious matters because these teams always ordered the people to worship the 91 of Daniel and shed rack me shack and have been the go.

If Daniel would not eat the king’s meet when he was a very young nobody, why would he keep and allow a different calendar now that he is ruling in Babylon???

And from Daniels prophecy of the future change, proves that Babylon’s calendar was correct. The question should be was Babylon keeping the correct calendars? All the evidence from an eye witness that was present at that time shows that they were. People of of saloon that Israel was keeping a different calendar than Babylon because of the traditional Sabbath that they are keeping today which they themselves admit are not correct and that the original Sabbaths were by the phases of the moon. This admission is found in the 1943 Universal Jewish Encyclopedia under the article week and Sabbath. Check this out

Brother Arnold

Posted: 24 Jan 2008, 01:42
by Lambchop
From another group I am a member in this time-line came up a couple of days ago.
If this is correct we ARE closer to the 7000 year and the returning of Yahshua. Here's what was written in this group.
I want those who read the articles I post on this website to be aware of the time line (date stamp) references I post in those articles. If you read my articles you will see that I have placed the current time stamp we are in as 6989 FA. I have determined this by believing that Yahshua the Mashiyach will return and begin His rule and reign in the 7000th year. Traditional "Judaism" as put the currect time line at 5768 and they will change it in the 7th chodesh/month. I will change my time stamp at the beginning of the YaHVeH's year, which is Abib, as HE stated we are to begin the year (Exodus 12).

You will notice in some of the articles I will post the "FA” (From Adam) time stamp along with traditional history time stamp "CE" (Common Era). What I have noticed since I have been calculating this time line, is, that there is about 650 to 700 years of time missing. So, what I have had to do is adjust the original time line I started to show this lost of 650 to 700 years. Originally I started my time line at 0-70 years, and calculating it every 70 years. For example I would start at 0-70 than add 70 + 70 = 140, 140 + 70 = 180 and so on. By adjusting my time line you will see that I have changed for example the time of the destruction of the first temple. Right now I have it at 3742 FA. After I finish adjusting my time line this time will change, and instead of "F.A. “FA” I will use "F.C. / "FC” (From Creation) instead of From Adam. I will always post along side my time stamp traditional history time stamp so that we can all be on the same page.