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Postby BrotherArnold » 04 Feb 2008, 17:03

JMSchattke wrote:Until I can get my hands on an original Greek copy of Philo, I'm not going to bother discussing it. I'm disappointed in translations.

RESPONSE: I have the Younge and F.H. Colson translation and both translations are in agreement on the main points, saying the same thing. Colson's translation has the Greek on one side of the page and the English on the other. I do not read Greek, therefore I have to depend on the scholars, same as I do when reading the New Testament I personally don't see why they would the partial in their translation of Philo. There is a Hebrew scholar, who also believes lunar Sabbaths, had some Greek scholars verify the verses in question concerning the Sabbaths. He has now written a book and if you are interested I can get you the information.

FACT #1: Both translation state that the full moon is at the end of the second week which has been argued that the weeks have nothing to do with the moon.
FACT #2: They both state that the full moon is on the 15th.
FACT #3: They both teach that the 15th begins both of the 7-day feasts/festivals each year, which is the same 15th/full moon that is at the end of the second week. (This is impossible with the Roman calendar)

With just these three facts from two different Greek scholars at different time periods should be worth something and if you can read Greek, I can probably figure out how to put it on the screen if someone can instruct me and you can see if you get the same translation as these other two Greek scholars got.

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