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Cayenne Pepper

Posted: 02 Feb 2008, 02:47
by Luneee
We have discovered that cayenne pepper is a supplement that has really improved overall health for us.

Not only can it regulate heartbeat and/or circulatory problems, it can stop bleeding in a cut within 10-15 seconds. Yes, that is painful for about 3 minutes to 4 minutes if you dump it on a cut, but firsthand experience is that when it stops hurting, it stops hurting, and in a cut like I just had, that is GOOD.

Here is a video on Cayenne that we have found very helpful, and educational.

Hope this helps.

Jay Vincent.

Posted: 02 Feb 2008, 05:24
by chuckbaldwin
Hi Jay,

Is that the flakey form that you shake on pizzas, or a powdery or some other form?

Posted: 02 Feb 2008, 05:27
by Luneee
Not the kind on pizzas.

That has whole seeds in it.

This is much more fine. It looks almost like paprika. (but don't confuse them)

Here's a picture



Posted: 02 Feb 2008, 05:43
by chuckbaldwin
Thanks Jay,

I guess you get it at a grocery store in the "spice" section?
(I'm a bachelor and don't cook, so that's how much i know. :? )
Anyway, i have sinus, and may try "snorting" some. :shock:

Articles on Cayenne

Posted: 02 Feb 2008, 05:43
by Luneee ... efits.html

(just passing along info. I don't endorse the above sites, as far as their other messages, but here is some good information on cayenne.)

Posted: 02 Feb 2008, 05:48
by Luneee
Chuck, that's exactly the place.

Here's a picture of how it might look:


I try to get organic, but it all has heat to it.

Go easy, and remember that the initial pain/heat will pass in a few minutes, and it won't kill you. I believe you will be amazed.

The next time, it gets easier.

Just don't do but a very few (I started with what appeared to be 20 minute flakes per nostril). I am maintaining just above what I started with.

It doesn't take a whole lot.

I do Cayenne tea, that helps my sinuses. (Teaspoon of cayenne in water. Warm is best, but you have to work up to this amount in cold water, and then warm up the water. I do it now in hot water. It really is an instant kick in your body, and gives an energy boost.)

Know this. The first time you do this, if you choose to, you will think: I bet Jay Vincent is playing a joke on me! What have I done!?! This is not truth. I really do snort it, and will get up in the morning and have a snort before coffee is brewed. I still have to focus and realize the heat/pain will go from me, but my wife (women are built FORD tough, for having babies and putting up with us) she has no problem. It's kinda hard on the ego to see her not having a problem, and I am focusing for about 3 minutes - 4 minutes.

Then, after I have blown my nose a couple times, I feel like a new man! :mrgreen:

Jay Vincent.

Posted: 02 Feb 2008, 13:35
by chuckbaldwin
Thanks again, i'll try it soon.