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Mad Cow

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Mad Cow

Postby Chayil_Ishshah » 10 May 2008, 02:21

Shoved off in the back of the paper, page 7A of the Journal Gazette was this little ditty:

The Bush administration on Friday urged a federal appeals court to stop meatpackers from testing all their animals for mad cow disease; a skeptical judge questioned whether the government has that authority.

The government seeks to reverse a lower court ruling that allowed Kansas' Creekstone Farms Premium Beef to conduct more comprehensive testing to satisfy demand from overseas.

Less than 1 percent of slaughtered cows are tested for the disease under Agriculture Department guidelines.

What, may I ask, are they trying to hide? Why can't someone use "more comprehensive testing"?? It's not "Where's the beef?" but "What's IN the beef?"
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Postby kickme » 13 May 2008, 13:29

sounds a little crappy to me.
but why would anyone care? didn't their Jesus say that it doesn't matter what goes into their mouth?

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