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Is it real??

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Is it real??

Postby Chayil_Ishshah » 14 May 2008, 07:31


Whether man-made or otherwise, a second Monroe County crop circle has emerged, precisely one year after a wheat field pattern known as “The Monroe County Crop Circle” appeared just outside Madisonville in May 2007.

According to a longtime Madisonville resident who lives on a hill overlooking the site, the figure - an equilateral triangle with overlaid concentric circles at each apex - appeared sometime between Sunday night and Monday morning.

“It was here when I woke up this morning,” she said, “but yesterday there was nothing in the field.” The retired female said she has watched the field for weeks and has seen no activity within it, save the work of a local farmer tending his large crop.

The pattern follows on the heels of last year’s crop circle which ignited a series of visits by crop circle professionals and experts from the East and Midwest whose examination determined the first crop circle as “non manmade.”

This second pattern has not been officially examined so its authenticity is not known. Its size, though, is similar to last year’s circle.

All that has been discerned at this point is the existence of the phenomena. Other than being partially observable from one small vantage point on the resident’s back porch - and from the air where the picture on the front page was taken - the crop circle cannot be seen from any other street, road, or location.

Jeff Wilson of the Independent Crop Circle Researchers Organization, the lead investigator of last year’s pattern, said electromagnetic readings and growth node tests would have to be performed in determining the formation as either non manmade or otherwise. He told the BUZZ he would be making preparations to visit the site in a few days.

Roger Sudgen, another ICCRO member, told the BUZZ that coincidentally there was an earthquake recorded nearby at almost the same time the circle appeared. He said it could mean nothing, or it could be vitally important.

Last year’s crop circle baffled numerous local residents. Its existence, however, intrigued others, including Art Bell’s Coast to Coast radio program, the host of the program, George Nouri, Linda Moulton Howe of Earthfiles.com, and several other websites affiliated with scientific journals. According to a funded study by Laurance Rockefeller and staffed by a team of national scientists, a conclusion was ascertained that crop circles were possibly the manifested outward effects of a “new or as yet undiscovered energy source.”

In fact, the elaborate geometric designs seen in hundreds of crop circles worldwide in dozens of countries are too intricate to be made by “pranks with planks.”

For the time being, the location of this second crop circle will not be printed in the BUZZ unless the owner of the growing crop that contains the pattern provides permission for visits by the public.

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Postby chosen » 14 May 2008, 15:59

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, gonna havta say, pranks with planks gets my vote.


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