In Plain Sight

It's easier to hide something in plain sight. There are ancient practices that witness to the hierarchy of the enemy's trinity. The trinity consists of father, mother, and son. Most ancient cultures follow this pattern.

Egypt: osiris, isis, ra

Babylon: nimrod, semeramis, tammuz

father/mother/son - osiris/isis/ra

Notice who is sitting where.

There is a Scriptural foundation that the enemy uses and understands. The father is the central figure - gregorian 7th. The father sits on the throne in the center receiving the highest order. The mother figure, sits to his left and the son sits to the right hand of the father. This is exactly how the worship days of the planetary week work.

It is no coincidence that the three main religions of the world, the jews with their deity (saturn/nimrod/osiris/baal/molech) on the gregorian 7th day:


sitting to their left is the mother figure, the 6th day represented by freya/isis/semeramis whose ruling planet is venus, the feminine; which is equivalent to the queen of heaven, this is the day the muslims worship on.

mother/isis/semeramis/aphrodite/frya/queen of heaven

Which is really interesting because the muslims reject Yahusha as the Son of Elohim, saying he is 'just' a prophet but yet they accept the Queen of Heaven? This should just prove the Queen of Heaven has nothing at all to do with Miryam, the mother of Yahusha.

To the father-figure right hand sits the sun, the son/ra/tammuz - the father's right hand. . .


These all line up with the ancient father/mother/son figures. These are not 'only' pillars - they are mounts (mount of the appointed times) - they are also 'heads' representing the deities that are honored on the planetary week. What day do you worship??

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