The Father's Name Made Simple

By: Carroll L. Page

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Reprinted with permission by Sammy Brown,

Let us turn to the Word,
Tehillim (Psalms)68:4
Sing to Elohim, sing praises to His Name. Raise up a highway for Him Who rides through the deserts, By His Name
We see the Yah portion of the Name confirmed, also by the word HalleluYAH. So there is no question on this.  That the third letter is the "oo" sound, is confirmed by the names of the prophets that end in the great Name, which is typically yahoo just like the modern former premier of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu (the "yahu" part is vocalized as yahoo - ee-ah-oo).

 Known in English as Isaiah
(Yahuah has saved)
 Known in English as Jeremiah
(Yahuah will rise)
 Known in English as Matthew
(Gift of Yahuah)

The fourth letter, the Hebrew "hey" is the only point of controversy, but we can easily see that the it is an "ah" sound from the word Judah or as it is in the Hebrew "Yahudah"

The only difference in the spelling of Yahudah and the great Name in the Hebrew is the fourth letter the "dalet". Drop the dalet the "dee" sound from yahu-d-ah and you have the name of the Creator which is Yahuah.

Yahudah is the tribe.


Yahuah is the great Name.


Yod-hay-vav-dalet-hay is the tribe.



Yod-hay-vav -hay


Yod-hay-vav-hay is the great Name or tetragrammaton.